At the beginning of this last season I figured I needed a list of my ‘top’ couloirs in the area around YYC.  A bunch of them I had ridden before, some were nothing more than vague ideas gleamed from drives and hours pouring over google earth.  Now, with July only a few weeks away I am starting to work on my list of lines and areas that I want to pursue next year.  A couple of items from my couloir hit list will make it on there just because I never made it to them this year.  On the whole though, I am rather pleased with the season, having only missed a handful of the couloirs on my list.  A couple I have done before and just didn’t make it back to, and a couple remain unridden, and a handful I ended up riding multiple times.  I am uncertain what it is that I find so satisfying about lists like these, even if they aren’t completed.  I think it is the structure it gives to the season, there is always something else to go and chase down as long as the list is there to mock my thoughts of taking a day off.  If I were so compelled I might have lost myself trying to just ride the items on the list, or have focused just on them.  Yet, that wasn’t the point.  The list wasn’t a law, but rather was there to stand as motivation, not simply a required list of ticks that my ego demanded I pursue.  It was a reminder that there were all these other amazing landscapes that I could go and be a part of if I wasn’t sure where else to go.
For those people that like these kind of things, here is my list.  If you have more gems to add to it in the #YYC area, let me know.  I am always looking for new landscapes to interact with.
#thinkyercouloir (The top 20s… YYC couloir hit list):
3/4 Couloir
Waterman Couloir
Funnel of Death (ak Bow Peak Couloir )
Y Couloir
Burgess Couloir
Storm Couloir (Highwood)
Crowfoot Couloir
Patterson Couloir (the big one)
Patterson sub peak couloirs
Chephren Couloir
Chephren mini couloir
Teachers Daughter (Highwood)
Campground Couloir (Highwood)
Quadra to the big drop couloir
Flower Couloir
Amery Notch
Hole in the wall
Commonwealth Couloir
Taylor lake Couloir (Gap peak)
Taylor lake Hidden Couloir
Boon lake Couloir
Birth Canal Couloir
Rae Glacier Mini Couloir
Grand Daddy
X couloir
Gutentit Couloir
Peyto’s Pipe
Ogden Rabbit Hole
Phantom Couloir